Ideal location in New Belgrade - Block 58 near all-important roads that connect quickly and easily with other parts of the city.
. For a quiet walk by the river there is Sava quay, and for dynamic shopping – the shopping center Delta City is few steps away from you.
In Sakura Park, you will have everything you want because of the quality of life, and luxury housing is in the first place!


Sakura, the process of Japanese cherry flowering, symbolizes the awakening of nature and timeless beauty, and presents inexhaustible inspiration in creating a peaceful and carefree living environment. Park filled with cherry trees spreads over an area of 1.4 hectares and besides numerous park amenities, it has fountain surrounded by greenery, a playground for children, a bridge and pebble stone paths illuminated by the best quality LED lighting of various colors that contribute to the aesthetics of the park. The location next to the bicycle trail in New Belgrade is another convenience that can be a decisive factor in choosing a living environment. We want to enable your children to grow up in a healthy and peaceful environment, and you to dedicate yourself to the family and forget that you are in a very hectic part of the city.


All you need for relaxation and rest is located in the Sakura Park Spa Center, which covers an area of 500m². Swimming pool 12mx5m, 6-person rounded Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, steam bath, Russian spa, relaxation room with halo therapy, snow room, showers, warm benches for rest, two massage rooms, Kneipp paths - are just some of the amenities where you can enjoy and recover the necessary energy. Except for the SPA center, there is also a fitness facility on the surface of 250m² with top-notch content. Everything is available in one place, within the property.


In the residential part of the complex the latest heating and cooling technology is applied to, enabled by heat pumps that are a product of a renowned global company in this industry. Pumps of the latest technological generation ensure safe heating and cooling at extreme temperatures (winter -20C and summer +45C) and potentiate the preparation of hot sanitary water.

The technical solution of the internal heating consists of the underfloor heating of the living room, kitchen, dining room, sanitary facilities, and corridors. The bedroom is heated and cooled by underfloor convectors. This solution, with electronic temperature control, allows superior air conditioning / natural air flow / no noise and dust, where the heating and cooling bodies do not burden the visible surface of the apartment with radiators and wall convectors.

Upravljanje sistemom grejanja i hlađenja je automatsko, sa Wi-Fi konekcijom što pruža daljinsku kontrolu i komandovanje sistemom.

Low financial costs in exploitation, with great efficiency and comfort, make this system the best choice for business and residential purposes.


Except for a number of technical and constructive advantages of the system, subsequently pre-stressed interlocking structures allow greater freedom in architectural design and space organization. The thinner floor structures, most often without beams and capitals, provide larger ranges or the abolition of some columns resulting in aesthetic and functional innovations in modern construction.

The biggest advantage of this type of construction is visible in the garage space because it allows significantly easier traffic without beams and installations from ceilings. Higher ranges in business apartments allow much better organization of management allocation. Residential spaces have the possibility of better and more modern interior design, better space organization, merging and separating, as well as a number of advantages in later adaptations.


The highest quality oak floor with high-end finishing preserves the natural quality of wood, and is a safe and top product. It fully meets all the requirements of European standards for installation in the floor heating areas, which guarantees long-term and safe exploitation. Knowledge, experience, and technology allow that selected and installed parquetry in every apartment have first-class quality. Exceptional mechanical features, durability and perfect shades of light brown characterize it. Aesthetic value, functionality and durability of floors are beyond question.

Wall, floor and bathroom tiles

The ceramics manufacturer represents the true strength of innovation and it is a synonym for prestige in the world. Referred to as a global specialist for premium porcelain and wall tiles for every style, it justifies its residential, commercial and public use in architecture. Excellence in the design and technology level in each type of surface provides the best solution for final users.

The sanitary manufacturer is a representative of quality and passion for details - perfect combination that creates aesthetically satisfying and functional products. It does not matter if it is porcelain tiles, bathroom faucets or kitchen cabinets, it is striving for innovative trends that will be implemented in the bathroom of every apartment in the Sakura Park complex in a way to satisfy the requirements and wishes of future owners.


Enjoy the view from your new home! In the living room of each apartment one wall is entirely made of glass and provides a full view across the terrace on natural environment. Three-layer glass within the highest quality carpentry profiles guarantee excellent sound and thermal isolation. The profiles are made of the most modern materials with adequate wall thicknesses and chambers that create a strong structure, reliable over time.


Front safety doors 240cm high and 110cm wide are secured and provide the maximum anti-burglary and fire protection. The Mottura security lock with three-way and six-point lock also features three fixed hinge blocking pylons, and sound isolation that goes up to 42 decibels. High-quality interior doors, height 240cm and width 90cm (for smaller apartments) and 100cm (for larger apartments) are single-sided and made from laminated wood with a 4mm-covered MDF, while door fitting is equipped with three folding hinges, sealing gum and magnetic lock.


We have chosen the best solution among the world's best elevator producers for luxury constructions which is in line with the highest quality of all elements built into the Sakura Park property.


Security and optimization at a very high level! Special smart technology in all apartments includes video surveillance and optimized monitoring of electricity and heat consumption, as well as a system for summer air conditioning.