Sakura Park is being built with comfort, beauty, and ease of living in mind, but all those qualities are impossible to acquire without the latest construction techniques and materials. When all the innovations are implemented in the right way and throughout the apartment complex, a new kind of quality emerges, creating a building that cares for its residents, instead of residents having to take care of the building. High construction standards, well above the regulatory baseline, together with daring and original architectural and design solutions are the essence of Sakura Park, from the car park to the rooftops.



  • • 490 piles
  • • Protection of foundation pit from underground waters
  • • Multiple underground levels

A large part of Sakura Park lies below the surface. New Belgrade lies on sandy ground, with may underground streams, so it is not at all easy to build underground. Still, in Sakura Park we emphasize subterranean parts of the project, in order to make more room above the ground for important purposes, such as green spaces. Sakura Park lies on 490 reinforced concrete piles and an 80cm thick foundation plate. The foundations are protected from underground waters with 0.6m thick concrete diaphragm. As further insurance against water penetration Penetron Admix crystal was used. These crystals expand when in contact with water, instantly preventing any intrusion, so the base constructions remains dry in all circumstances.

Construction methods and standards

  • • Large open spaces
  • • Large windows

All the above-ground levels of Sakura Park are created by placing carrying elements as far apart as possible. Also, large distances between floors gave the architects more freedom to design apartments with large central rooms and almost no interior architectural elements that could negatively impact the living space. The resulting building is more open to the design of its inner spaces, and it is comparatively light, providing for larger windows, the use of modern types of facades, and carrying other benefits. Balcony doors are as highs as 246cm, maximizing the amount of sunlight inside the apartments. 

The inner and outer wall

Exceptional comfort and high level of privacy in Sakura Park apartments are, in no small measure, the result of complex inner walls between the rooms. We decided to use the highest standards in sound insulation, the structure of walls, and the way walls inside and outside the apartments are created and combined.  

Walls separating the apartments are made from d=20cm construction blocks, strengthen on both sides by drywall boards, inside which is the sound insulation in the form of mineral wool. Sound insulation in the wall between the rooms is very good at stopping sounds from different rooms from mixing and provides absolute privacy. 

Bathroom walls are especially well protected by waterproofing and using drywall. Construction blocks used in bathrooms are especially good at conserving heat, and they are strengthened by drywall with other layers of insulation on side of the wall in contact with other rooms, and by ceramic tiling inside the bathroom.  

  • Walls between rooms:

    - Finish: dispersion paint

    - Construction block / concrete wall: 20cm

    - Drywall on a sub-construction with mineral wool insulation: 5cm

    - Finish: dispersion paint

  • Walls between apartments and hallways:

    - Finish: dispersion paint

    - Drywall on a sub-construction with mineral wool insulation: 5cm

    - Construction block / concrete wall: 20cm

    - Dry wall on a sub-construction with mineral wool insulation: 8cm

    - Finish: dispersion paint

  • Walls between bathrooms and rooms:

    - Finish: dispersion paint

    - Dry wall on a sub-construction: 5cm

    - Partition wall block: 10cm

    - Mortar: 2cm

    - Hydro insulation in lower regions and around bathtub and shower

    - Finish: ceramic tiling and glue: 2cm

  • Outer wall

    - Finish: dispersion paint

    - Drywall on a sub-construction with mineral wool insulation: 5cm

    - Construction block with thermal insulation: 20cm

    - Thermal insulation – mineral wool: 4cm

    - Galvanized steel layer: 0.7mm

    - Thermal insulation - stone wool: 10cm.

    - Ventilated layer: 3cm

    - Facade boards: 3mm

Underground parking

  • • Dedicated slots for larger vehicles
  • • Residents choose their slots
  • • Automatic opening and closing

Sakura Park has three full floors of underground parking space, segmented in six garage levels. Sakura Park is setting new standards regarding the parking space in Belgrade, as we provided more parking slots than there are apartments, and residents can choose their slots, so they can be either closer to their home or closer to the gate. Parking space is designed to fit moving cars and cars in their slots perfectly, making parking easy. To better use the available space, slots for SUVs and cross vehicles specially marked, making it even easier for everyone. Residents can quickly enter and leave the garage, as the system will recognize license plates or residents badge while the vehicle is approaching, so no stops are needed. 

Facade and balconies

  • • Ceramic-based façade panels LAMINAM
  • • Ventilated facade
  • • Decking floor with drainage

The facade of Sakura Park is not designed only to be attractive, but also to make residents comfortable, by providing faster cooling in summer and faster heating in winter. Ventilated facade is regulating the „breathing" of the building, while a special membrane is stopping the creeping-in of moisture, while at the same time realizing water vapor into the surrounding air. Outer walls are based on 20cm thick insulating construction blocks, attached to a complex ventilated façade. Façade panels have aluminum sub-construction with a final layer of LAMINAM ceramic façade panels, 100x300cm in size. Inside the sub-construction is a 14cm thick insulating layer. Ventilated layer is 3cm wide, and placed inside the panel, preventing condensation droplets to come in contact with the walls. The balcony floor is also protected from rainwater with a decking floor system for immediate drainage, so the floor is always dry.

Windows and balcony doors

  • • Aluminum frames thermal break
  • • TERMOPAN 3-layered glass system
  • • Laminated safety glass
  • • Glass heat transfer coefficient Ug=0,6 W/m2K

The brand that is responsible for the high quality carpentry in the complex is Reynaers Aluminum - Europe's leading specialist in the development of innovative and sustainable aluminum solutions in the carpentry world. Driven by energy efficiency, all systems meet the most stringent requirements in terms of quality, comfort, safety and architectural design. 

Sakura Park was build using a top-quality glass package of 3-layered glass, combined with high-quality aluminum frames. 

TERMOPAN glass package, observed from the outside has the following composition: 

  • 1. Planitherm 4s Evo 8mm + 16mm Argon is glass from the “four seasons” range, having a 50% better solar factor. This glass blocks 80% of UV emissions, it doesn’t heat-up in summer, while in the winter it eliminates streams of cold air against the glass. These capabilities enable the widow to contribute greatly to reducing energy costs and helps in heating in cold months, as well as in cooling in warm months.  

  • 2. Extraclear 4mm + 16mm argon is the glass which helps create a crystal-clean tone of Sakura Park’s windows, as well as full transparency, without traces of other tones.

  • 3. Laminated (Pamplex) 4.4.2 glass with SF 8mm plastic film. This laminated Pamplex glass is made of two glass panels and a PVB film, so in case of breakage, glass pieces will remain on the foil, and not disperse. 

This type of 3-layered windows glass provides windows with excellent insulation characteristics (heat transfer coefficient Ug=0,6 W/m2K), and provides room interiors with a lot of natural light. Combined with great sound insulation, this type of greatly contributes to overall comfort.  

Aluminum frames with a thermal break in anthracite color provide a stunning visual effect and combines very well with modern interiors, and overall esthetics of Sakura Park. One of the main advantages of Sakura Park are large glass surfaces in apartments, from floor to the ceiling in many places. Elvial brand provided for us high-quality aluminum frames with thermal break made with ELVIAL I2 technology, with an insulation layer within the frame itself. Window functions are provided by locks and handles made by Winkhaus and their activePilot range. All windows are mounted in accordance with RAL standards to ensure their peak performance.

All windows are mounted in accordance with RAL standards to ensure their peak performance. 

Apartment and room doors

  • • Bosal secure apartment door
  • • Barausse frameless room doors 
  • • Magnetic latches on room and bathroom doors

Residents of Sakura Park are more than safe in their homes as the apartment complex has its own security and sophisticated video surveillance. Still, to be 100% on the safe side, we decided to equip all apartments with the best burglar-proof Bosal main doors. These doors are armored, with high tempering and fire resistance, 110x240cm in size. Doors fit exceptionally well in Sakura Park concept. Door locks are also made by Bosal, with six locking points, three fixed bars to stop the door with the disabled lock from opening, and high sound insulation of 42 decibels. Barausse room doors are completely without frames, making wall surfaces much more attractive and blending well in high-tech interiors. Doors are very elegant and 240cm tall, equipped with magnetic doorknobs and rubber seals. 

Smart Home

  • • Future-proof
  • • Open KNX standard
  • • Manual and remote control

We envisaged Sakura Park as a fully automated environment, with all capabilities of the building controlled by smart devices. Residents can run air conditioning, home appliances, floor heating, and other systems through a single interface in the living room or remotely with their smartphones. The system uses open KNX standard, guaranteeing future compatibility with new controlling devices and new home appliances, either those residents buy themselves or they are installed in Sakura Park. Smart Home system is not included in a starting price for an apartment, as all devices can be used manually. Residents ID cards enable easy entry into the complex, as well as admittance to other sections of the complex, such as the spa. All the elevators can be called from the inside apartment, so the waiting time is reduced to a minimum. 

Air conditioning and heating

  • • Water-water heat pump
  • • Floor heating
  • • Fan coil hidden in the ceiling

Sakura Park has fully autonomous and one of the technologically most advanced systems for cooling and heating. The heat pump uses underground water as an energy source, as it has a constant temperature 40m below the surface, not influenced by the seasons. This type of heat pump is called a water-water system, the most efficient heating and cooling system on the market, bringing big savings to apartment owners, as well as total control over their expenses.  For complete independence from outside sources, if the pump ever stops, there is a backup reserve of natural gas that can also be fed into the system, ensuring continual supply and unhindered operation.   Floor heating is present in all rooms, reinforced by a network of fan coils. A dense network of top-quality floor pipes made by Rehau brand runs under wooden flooring and bathroom tiles throughout all the apartments. These devices act much like air conditioners, but they are silent and hidden in the ceiling. Sakura Park is the first apartment complex in Serbia with AC units totally removed from walls and utterly invisible. You can read further about cooling and heating in Sakura Park on this page. 

Ceramic tiles

  • • Tiles by Spanish brand Porcelanosa
  • • Complete bathroom interiors and fixtures by Porcelanosa 
  • • Modern tile designs: natural stone, relief tiles, natural wood décor… 

Apartment complex Sakura Park is the first in Serbia to be completely equipped with Porcelanosa tiling in bathrooms. The famous Spanish brand also provided complete furnishings in bathrooms, including bathtubs, toilets, and showers. The biggest European interior design brand created the complete concept of Sakura Park bathrooms, using the combination of marble and wood décor and relief tiling in elegant, light colors. Best bathtubs, toilets and other fixtures from the Porcelanosa group are installed, creating the ambient of quality and modernity.  You can find out more about Porcelanosa tiling and bathrooms in Sakura Park on this page. 

Common spaces – Hallways and the lobby

  • • Reception desk at the main entrance
  • • Modern lighting and interior design

The concept of luxury living in Sakura Park wouldn’t be complete without a large modern entrance hall with the reception desk and a receptionist. Hallway interiors are made with natural stone, used both in floors and on selected surfaces on walls. Combined with magnificent lighting and metal details, the complete design is reflecting high-quality standards and a modern ambient of Sakura Park.